Terms of Supply

We can supply a Range of pool tables for all pubs and clubs ranging from the latest American 9 ball to the traditional and standard type 8 ball tables.

The size of table varies from 6'x3' up to 9'x5' for the larger American tables.

These tables would be on a straight rent.

For clubs, canteens and office rest rooms where the tables may be used less frequently, we can supply on a profit share basis.

This requires no outlay whatsoever. The tables come with all accessories and at a small cost we can also supply a set of wheels with which the Pool table can be moved to one side for functions and meetings etc.

Where the space available is slightly restricted then a Bar Billiards table is ideal as play is only from one end making it ideal to site in corners or alcoves.

For Bar Billiards and Football Tables the same profit share terms apply, again with no outlay required.

All tables are fully maintained and valeted on a regular basis and the tables are re-covered with the cloth of your choice as and when necessary.

PLEASE CONTACT EITHER US ON 01403 864091 fax 01403 864167 e-mail enquiries@tarratttables.co.uk

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